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what is the song that is playing? i love it omGGG

 ”November with love" is the name of this song by "TVXQ!" (yunho) … it’s such a beautiful song ~~ ♪ 

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Jaejoong | ‘Back Seat’ MV
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"When she opened the bandages to disinfect her wounds, I was really taken aback. Before I saw her actual wounds, I thought ‘she’s probably just in moderate pain’, but the skin underneath the bandage looked as if it was melting from a burn.

I didn’t know what to say (because of the language barrier) and it frustrated me to the point where I got angry because I was just helplessly watching her suffer in pain while doing nothing. It was painful enough for me just from watching her so I can’t imagine the tremendous amount of pain she was going through.. and to think that she didn’t drop a tear because she knew it’ll only hurt more if she did. It tore my heart apart.” 


in which Jung Yunho rubs his DAMN CROTCH and gives us a fucKING STRIP TEASE in the closest HFB FANCAM TO DATE

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Just hearing your voice make me smile~


When Jae take off his clothes, Yunho’s hand always… :D


6/100 of yunho

YUNHO | TVXQ!  수리수리 (SpellboundMV 

44/100 of jaejoong
43/100 of jaejoong